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7 Costly Mistakes

To Avoid When Embroidering Caps

And what you should do instead...

Do you love cap embroidery, but struggle to produce great results?

If you're intimidated by cap embroidery because of your past struggles with caps, then this guide is for you!

We found that most cap embroidery failures are usually caused by user-errors and are easily correctable. That's why we created the top 7 costly mistakes to avoid when embroidering caps and what you should do instead, to make sure that you avoid making mistakes that could cost you time and money!

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Puff embroidery is both a very popular and lucrative service. Now you can learn how to create 3D Puff embroidery for your customers – the right way, just like the pros!

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What you'll get...

What you'll get

7 mistakes every embroiderer should avoid during cap embroidery

7 methods every embroiderer must know before embroidering caps

How to create 3D Puff embroidery like a pro!

What to look out for when a design has to be digitized for caps

Why needle breaks happen and how to stop them from happening again

How to prep your caps for maximum production

The important role the pressor foot plays in the cap embroidery process that most people overlook

[BONUS VIDEO] 3D Embroidery Master Class – Puff Embroidery Tips from the Pros

What you'll get

Love the cap embroidery guide! It's really comprehensive and helpful in troubleshooting issues. It answers what could happen, why it happens, and what to do. What a pleasure working with a company that publishes documents like this to help embroiderers along the way! Thank you.

Sandy Houck Reitnauer

This guide & bonus video
is for you if...

You love cap embroidery, but you keep breaking needles and your designs never come out right!

You struggle with hooping or other technical aspects of cap embroidery

You want to make money with cap embroidery, but aren't confident that your quality will meet your customer's expectations

You want to learn what a digitized file for caps should contain so your designs come out looking like they should

You want to make money with 3D puff embroidery by learning from pros in the industry!

This IS NOT for you if you'd rather spend hours figuring out cap embroidery best practices through trial and error instead of straight from the pros

If you answered "YES" to any of these points, then this free download and bonus video is for you!