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*0% financing based on approved credit. All promotions and accessories listed on apply to the U.S., Canada, Caribbean and select LATAM countries only.
If starting or growing your t-shirt printing business is on your holiday wish list, then you don’t want to miss out on this special one-time offer! Rather than waiting for Black Friday deals to come around, you can score the BEST DEAL on our Ricoh direct-to-garment (DTG) printing packages TODAY! Pay as low as $235/month with 0% financing to start your t-shirt printing side hustle or expand your current business with the Ri 1000 or the Ri 2000. We’ll even ship everything straight to your door FREE OF CHARGE, saving you upwards of $800 for a limited time only.
Incredible savings
came early this year!
No interest, no problem!
It’s not a “great deal” if you still have to pay interest and hidden fees on your DTG equipment. That’s why we’re the only company that offers 0% financing when you qualify and $0 down on the Ri 1000.* All you have to do is fill out the form and we’ll help you find the best and most affordable payment plan with interest-free financing.
*The Ri 2000 requires a small down payment
The Ricoh DTG printing packages come with lots of extras, including a heat press, ink cartridges, accessories and more. So shipping everything out can cost a pretty penny. But lucky for you, we’re offering FREE SHIPPING during Black November ONLY, which means you could save up to $800 if you place your order before this offer expires.
For Black November only, you have the opportunity to get hundreds of dollars' worth of FREE accessories and supplies, including a flat heat press (up to $800 value), ink cartridges, software and much more! So take advantage of Black November now before it's too late.
Save over $5,000 more with the section 179 tax deduction
The Section 179 of the IRS code allows businesses to deduct the full purchase price of qualifying equipment purchased or financed during the tax year. That means that if you buy (or lease) a piece of qualifying equipment, you can deduct the FULL PURCHASE PRICE from your taxable gross income.
Just imagine, if you act before December 31, 2021, you could potentially save ~ $5,950 off your machine in tax write-offs!
For example (assuming that you’re in the 35% tax bracket), if you spend $17,000 on a DTG printer, your cash savings on your purchase after the deduction would be $5,950! That’s a huge savings on equipment that you’re purchasing anyway.
The section 179 cutoff date is December 31, 2021. Act now before time runs out!
See what our
customers have to say
4 steps to launch or grow your business
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Step 2
Choose your
dtg package
Step 3
Schedule your
Step 4
start printing tees!
RICOH Ri 1000
With blazing-fast print speeds, showroom-quality prints on dark and light garments, and automated maintenance, the RICOH Ri 1000 is the perfect printing system for both startups and existing custom apparel businesses. During our Black November promotion, we’re offering the Ri 1000 as an all-inclusive package, complete with a 15” x 15” flat heat press, accessories, software and more for only $235/month with 0% financing and FREE shipping (up to $800 in savings).
RICOH Ri 2000
The Ri 2000 empowers you to spend less time on production and maintenance and more time growing your business. Its dual carriages enable single pass printing for even faster print speeds while the auto height adjustment and the included head-cleaning jig make operation and maintenance easier than ever. Print full color graphics on virtually anything, including shirts, face masks, hoodies, tote bags, socks, canvas, wood, glass and more. The Ri 2000 is available as a complete DTG printing and heat press package package for only $277/month with a small down payment, 0% financing and FREE shipping (up to $800 in savings) during our Black November promotion.
I WANT THE Ri 2000
Mind-blowing Ricoh
DTG features
Blazing-Fast Speeds
Full-color designs print in
under 28 seconds
Eye-popping high-resolution
images up to 1200 x 1200 dpi
Virtually no maintenance
required and always ready to print
Industrial-strength steel
construction and reliable,
time-proven components
Available in multiple styles
and sizes up to an extra-large 16" x 19.6"
Know exactly when it’s time
to perform routine maintenance
Fast and easy nozzle
maintenance without swaps or wipes
Full control of the printing
process from A to Z
Create EYE-POPPING prints on tees & more
WHAT’S INCLUDED WITH your Ricoh DTG package?
  • BONUS: Free shipping, saving you up to $800
  • BONUS: Ricoma Training Academy membership
  • BONUS: Hands-on training and unlimited lifetime technical support - 7 days a week and after hours
  • BONUS: Access to the private elite Ricoma Connect Facebook group!
Exclusive Black
November Price:
Payments as low as
How much money can
you make with DTG?
profit margins
If you’re thinking about starting a t-shirt side hustle or growing your business with a Ricoh machine, you might be wondering, “Is direct-to-garment printing profitable?” The short answer is ABSOLUTELY! Check out the numbers below to get a glimpse into your profit potential with DTG.
Cost of making a
custom t-shirt
Between materials and ink, it costs about $3.00 to print a custom t-shirt on a Ricoh DTG printer.
Selling price of custom t-shirt
You can sell custom printed t-shirts for at least $25.00 on Etsy, Ebay, Amazon and many other e-commerce websites.
Profit per t-shirt
Subtract the costs from your selling price and your profit potential is $22.00! So if you sell 11 shirts, you’ll make more than enough money to cover your low monthly payment of only $235 for the Ri 1000.
How long does it take to print 11 shirts?
Both Ricoh printers are capable of printing a full-color 10” x 8" graphic in under 30 seconds. Factor in another 30 seconds to pre-treat the shirt and cure it on a heat press, and you're looking at about 1 minute per shirt. That means it would take you approximately 11 minutes to print 11 shirts and make a profit of $242!
11 t-shirts x $22 profit per t-shirt = $242 total profit in only 11 minutes!
“I absolutely LOVE my new DTG printer.”
“It has made t-shirt making so much more fun and enjoyable!”
-Lauren Glosson Fannin
This is literally your LAST CHANCE to get the BEST DEAL on the industry’s top-selling DTG packages. The clock is already ticking, so don’t let this opportunity to start your business and cash in on the holiday rush pass you by!
Master DTG
printing with
Ricoma’s training
Do you want to start making money fulfilling holiday orders, but you don’t have any experience with direct-to-garment printing? Our training academy will show you the ropes and have you printing tees in no time!
Whether you’re an experienced veteran or DTG rookie, we’ll show you the ins and outs of your Ricoh printer so you can take advantage of all the benefits!
Use your smartphone or tablet to connect with our certified technicians and get the help you need no matter where you are.
We can come to you or you can come to one of our office locations to attend your training and get in-person, face-to-face support.
Get the help you need, when you need it
If you’re printing tees late in the evening or on the weekends, you need customer support that works around your schedule. That’s why Ricoma is the only company that offers unlimited lifetime technical support 7 days and after regular business hours. No matter the time or the place, we’re here to help you every step of the way!
Hands-on training
You’ll learn everything there is to know about your Ricoh DTG printer with our FREE hands-on training.
After-hours support
You’ll never have to worry about downtime or missed deadlines with our after-hours support 7 days a week.
Unlimited FREE resources
You can access our FREE online resources to get the help you need at any time, such as how-to videos on YouTube, blogs, webinars and much more!
“With the Ri 1000, I was able to expand my shop and offer customers personalized tees, onesies, bags and more!
“Really easy to use would definitely recommend…I am impressed.”
-paul ontko
Free resources to
perfect your craft
Our #1 goal is to provide you with ALL the tools and resources you’ll need to launch your first t-shirt printing side hustle from home or grow your apparel business. Check out some of the resources that are available to you and the rest of our Ricoma family...
Ricoma Connect Private Facebook Group
This customers-only group is a great place to ask technical questions and get the help you need from other Ricoh DTG printer owners.
Ricoma YouTube channel
We have TONS of fun and informative videos on a broad range of topics, including printing tutorials, printing method comparison videos, and much more!
Facebook Live Events
Every month we host live Q&As with Ricoma CEO, Henry Ma, where he personally answers all of your questions on the air, such as, “Which printer is right for me?”, and, “How much should I charge to print shirts?”
Customer Portal
As a Ricoma customer, you’ll have access to all of your trainings, account information and more through your very own customer portal.
Is direct-to-garment
printing right for you?
You’re a creative who wants to show off your art on t-shirts, hoodies and more.
Direct-to-garment printing with Ricoh is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to create your own personal brand and print your designs directly on dark and light garments.
Take advantage of our Super Savings and get the most out of your Ricoh DTG package before you run out of time.
You’re ready to start your first business by launching a t-shirt printing side hustle from home.
With the Ricoh DTG printing packages from Ricoma, you’ll have everything you need to launch your side hustle and make a profit right from the start!
Jump on this incredible offer now and get the lowest monthly payments with 0% financing and free shipping before Black November ends.
Business Owners
You want to grow your custom apparel business by expanding your product line with printed apparel.
Direct-to-garment Ricoh printers are the perfect machines to complement other apparel decorating methods like embroidery and heat transfer vinyl.
Enjoy ALL the perks of our Black November DTG printer sale by contacting us today.
Common DTG printing
myths... Debunked!
“I don’t have enough experience with printing, and DTG is too complicated to learn.” “I’ll never make money with DTG.” These myths can get in the way of starting or growing your apparel business. The good news is, we’ve debunked each one of these myths (and more) in the section below.
I need prior experience in printing to learn how to print with DTG and start my business.
You don’t need a background in printing or even fashion to start a t-shirt printing business. In fact, most people starting out have little to no experience. The Ricoh DTG packages come with all the tools and resources you need to start printing tees from the moment you unbox your machine. We even provide FREE in-depth training to help you learn your new machine, as well as unlimited lifetime technical support 7 days a week and after hours.
I can’t afford a DTG printer and all the necessary accessories needed.
Not only are machine prices more affordable than ever, but it’s also super easy to cover your low monthly payment with just one order. Plus, you’ll get everything you need to get started, including a heat press, software, ink, and more for FREE. All these extras would cost you thousands of dollars more with other companies.
I’ll never be able to grow my business because I don’t know anything about marketing or where to find customers.
Most new businesses start out by word of mouth, going to trade shows, and using the power of social media to get their name in front of people. And if you have an embroidery business, you can become a one-stop shop and grow your average order value (AOV) by cross-selling printed items.
I won’t be able to fix my machine if I have a service issue.
During your free hands-on training, we’ll teach you the basics of machine maintenance, even though you probably won’t need it since these machines are equipped with automated maintenance. We even come to your location if you need further assistance with your machine, so you don’t have to spend time or money shipping it back to one of our certified technicians. You can also get help at any time by watching our technical service videos on YouTube.
“Great printer and great customer service!”
“…quality product, has made me a lot of money over the last year.”
-Jimmy Bates
0% stress,
100% satisfaction
We’ve made the entire process of starting or growing a t-shirt printing business completely stress-free! Not only are you scoring the best deal on the most innovative printing technology from a leading printer brand, but you’re also getting top-notch support that only Ricoma can provide. So hurry and secure your Ricoh DTG printing package before Black November ends.
Your Ricoh DTG printer is covered!
Keep your Ricoh DTG printer covered with our 1-year limited warranty. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing your business is backed by the industry's best support and warranty.
Got questions?
We have answers!
Do I need a computer or internet connection?
Yes, wireless or wired Internet connectivity is required to send files to print. You also need a computer to create, edit and load graphics with the software that comes with the printer.
Will the Ri 1000 or Ri 2000 take up too much space in my shop or leave any messy ink behind?
Not at all. These printers are compact and clean for optimal use in shops. There is no loose ink and no messy screens to deal with. In addition, the inks are non-toxic and water-based, so they are 100% safe.
What kind of support do I get with Ricoma?
Ricoma technicians are available to you 7 days a week. When you’re starting off, you’re likely running your printer during the weekends if you have other commitments during the workweek. We understand that. That’s why, aside from having 7-day customer support, we also provide resources such as training, manuals and how-to videos on our machines. We’re constantly working on materials such as blogs, videos and webinars to help you get started and succeed in your business.
What is the warranty for the RICOH Ri 1000 and Ri 2000 printers?
Our printers are backed by one of the industry’s best warranties. Our 1-year warranty is provided at no additional cost and effective immediately following the purchase of your RICOH Ri 1000 or Ri 2000 DTG printing package.
What is the average delivery time for a Ricoh DTG printing package?
Transit times typically range from 2 to 5 business days depending on how close you are to our facility.
Do the prints need to be heat-treated?
Yes, DTG prints need to be cured before and after a print. You can use the heat press that comes with this package to cure any of your items.
Do I need to be a computer expert to use the Ri 1000 or the Ri 2000?
Although these printers are incredibly user-friendly, basic computer skills are necessary for the loading and printing of graphics.
What comes with your DTG printer?
Both the RICOH Ri 1000 and Ri 2000 DTG printing packages include the following:
  • • iKonix 15” x 15” Flat Heat Press (Ri 1000 package only)
  • • Ricoma Auto Open 16” x 20” Flat Heat Press (Ri 2000 package only)
  • • 25 Sheets of 18x20 finish paper
  • • Wagner sprayer
  • • Cleaning liquid
  • • Colorgate Software
  • • Anajet RIP Software (Ri 1000 package only)
  • • Image Armor Light & Ultra Pretreatment
  • • Ricoma Training Academy
  • • 2 pretreated shirts
  • • 2 sets of CMYK Ink Cartridges
  • • 4 White Ink Cartridges (Ri 1000 package only)
  • • 8 White Ink Cartridges (Ri 2000 package only)
  • • Cleaning Applicators (25 narrow/25 wide)
  • • Cleaning Cartridges
Is training included? What kind of training do I get?
Every DTG printing package includes free hands-on training either online or at our facility in Miami, Florida or California. We’ll make sure you know exactly what you’re doing before your training session is over. But if you still want additional resources to keep on hand, we also provide how-to videos and manuals.
RICOH Ri 1000
RICOH Ri 2000
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