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*0% financing based on approved credit
*All promotions and accessories listed on apply to the U.S., Canada, Caribbean and select LATAM countries only.

This 4th of July, we’re giving you even more reasons to celebrate with our exclusive Independence Day embroidery sale.

For a limited time only, we’re DROPPING PRICES so low that you’ll save up to $1,000 on the total cost of your machine.

That means you can launch your own embroidery business from home or expand your current business for as low as $130/month with 0% financing!

And to make this deal even HOTTER, we’ll ship your entire embroidery machine package FOR FREE, saving you up to an additional $1,500!

You’ll literally save thousands of dollars on accessories, software, training and more by taking advantage of Ricoma’s Independence Day sale!

So get those fireworks ready because today we’re going to celebrate the launch of your embroidery business! 🎆

“Ricoma gave me everything I needed to get started.
“I don't know any other company that gives you all the tools needed to start making money in order to make the easy payments. The training, service and customer support is AWESOME!”
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It can feel overwhelming to launch your first embroidery business, especially if you’re new to the industry. The good news is, Ricoma has been in the business of helping people just like you build successful custom apparel shops for the last 20 years!

Besides unbelievably low monthly payments for the best embroidery machine packages, we also provide you with hands-on training and lifetime technical support 7 days a week and after hours.

So no matter your experience level, you can rest assured that you’ll have all the tools and resources you need to build a profitable business.

Savings Breakdown
Walk away with…
• a single-head and save $400 & up
• a two-head and save $800 & up
• a four-head and save $1,000 & up
• a six-head or up and save up to $1,500

enjoy free shipping
on us!

While you celebrate FREEDOM on Independence Day, you’ll also be able to celebrate FREE SHIPPING by taking advantage of this limited time offer.

In addition to saving up to an additional $1,000 on the price of your machine, you’ll also be saving upwards of $1,500 with FREE SHIPPING.

The only thing you have to do is decide whether you want to use that extra cash to purchase a new BBQ grill, or reinvest your savings back into your business by purchasing extra accessories and supplies. The choice is yours.

Embroidery machine prices are LOWER THAN EVER!

For this promotion only, we’ve DROPPED prices to an ALL-TIME LOW on our embroidery machines! That means you can save up to an additional $1,000 on your purchase when you take advantage of Ricoma’s Independence Day Sale.

That said, this could be your only chance to save THOUSANDS of dollars on the best embroidery machine packages on the market.

So hurry and claim these savings now before you run out of time!


If you break down the math, your low monthly payments of $130 come out to about $4/day. In other words, starting your embroidery business with a Ricoma machine costs as much as one cup of coffee a day! ☕️

And while other companies charge you high interest rates and shipping fees to purchase the machine by itself, Ricoma’s embroidery packages are shipped to your door FREE OF CHARGE! 📦

So fire up that grill because this is going to be one Independence Day your business will never forget!

I’ll guarantee you, it will compete with any machine on the market today.”
“I can easily set this machine up for any client, run any design on that machine…We have not messed up one garment yet on this machine. I would say we’ve done, cap wise, 30,000 units in six months.”
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Ricoma’s promise
to you

Included with every embroidery machine package is our Ricoma Promise. We are committed to doing whatever it takes to help you start or grow your business. We will go above and beyond to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your investment and are profiting from your machine from the moment you unbox it. So whether you need help finding the best payment plan, or you have questions about your machine, our team of knowledgeable technicians and product specialists are always here for you.

Along with the Ricoma Promise, you'll also receive a wealth of knowledge from our staff through videos, newsletters and social media. On top of that, you’ll also get everything you’ll need to start embroidering right away with our starter kit!

• Embroidery machine (Choose from any of our models)
• Embroidery starter kit
• Heavy-duty steel stand
• Ricoma limited 5-year warranty
• Multiple hoops
• Chroma Inspire digitizing software
• Cap driver assembly with cap rings
• 3 month subscription to
BONUS: Hands-on training online or onsite. We'll come to you for 2 days of hands-on training with the purchase of a multi-head!
BONUS: Unlimited lifetime technical support - 7 days a week and after hours
BONUS: Access to the private elite Ricoma Facebook group!
Today's Price:
Payments as low as
When quality is key, Ricoma dominates
We decided that Ricoma was our best bet. It's innovative, faster and more precise. You can see the difference in the embroidery itself.”
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Still not sure if this offer is for you?

It’s okay to feel unsure about making such a big investment, especially if you’re on a tight budget. But don’t worry because this offer is perfect for you if...

You want a reliable machine and the best service that will help your business grow
You want low, manageable monthly payments that you can cover with just one small order
You want to receive the industry's best training on a user-friendly machine
You want to quickly see a return on your investment
You want to save money on shipping and invest it back into your business
This offer IS NOT for you if you want higher monthly payments and want to spend more on accessories that already come with our machines
This offer IS NOT for you if you’d rather pay up to $1,500 out of pocket to cover the shipping fees
This offer IS NOT for you if you don’t want to receive the best care and support directly from the manufacturers


You read that right – just one order of 10 embroidered caps is enough to cover your low monthly payment of $130/month.

If you think that’s impossible, then check these numbers out...

Typically, the price of a wholesale cap is $2-$3. Now, say you spend approximately $4.50 on materials per cap and sell them for $17.50 each. This means you’ll be making $13 for every cap sold. In other words, you’ll make exactly $130 by embroidering only 10 caps. This is just enough to cover your small monthly payment while still putting more money in your pocket!

But how long does it take to embroider 10 caps?

You can estimate that it takes around 7 minutes to embroider a cap. This is considering that an average cap design has roughly 3,000 stitches, so if you were to embroider a cap at 600 stitches per minute, you’ll be able to do 1 cap in 5 minutes. Add another 2 minutes for hooping and you’re at the 7-minute mark. To tie it all together, since 10 caps=70 minutes of embroidery time, you’ll be able to cover your monthly payment in just over one hour.

With profit margins like these, it’s safe to say that your Independence Day celebrations just got even more exciting!

“Ricoma is amazing!”
“I got all my questions answered and 0% financing in a matter of minutes! The company knows what they’re doing and appears to set customers up to SUCCEED from the beginning. I can’t wait to start making money!”


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If you’ve never owned an embroidery machine before or are new to the industry, our all-inclusive packages are designed with first-time embroidery business owners in mind.

Not only do all our packages include a variety of cap attachments, accessories, and software, but they also come with hands-on training and unlimited technical support 7 days a week and after hours.

Click here to learn more about our embroidery machine packages.

In other words, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about your machine so you can start profiting right away. Also, thanks to Ricoma’s around-the-clock customer support, you’ll never experience any downtime should you experience any issues with your equipment.

And remember, you don’t have to pay an extra penny for this type of support. It’s all included with your monthly payments starting as low as $130/month and with 0% financing during our Independence Day sale!


If you currently run a screenprinting business or any other t-shirt printing company, chances are you’ve had to outsource embroidery jobs that come your way.

However, you can now keep those profits in-house while still keeping your costs low with one of our top-of-the-line embroidery machines for as low as $130/month!

Not only will adding an embroidery machine increase your profit potential, but it will also give you more control over the quality of your embroidery work. And more quality control means happier customers who will want to keep coming back. They might even refer their friends to your business because your embroidery is just that good!

So rather than outsourcing your embroidery, transform your business into a successful one-stop custom apparel shop for as low as $130/month with 0% financing.

And don’t forget, we’ve dropped prices so low that you’ll save up to an additional $1,000 on your machine as well as up to $1,500 with FREE SHIPPING!


If you already have an embroidery business and are ready to start scaling, this Independence Day sale is going to make it even easier to invest in another machine!

When it comes to running a successful business, quality machinery and customer service is the name of the game.

At Ricoma, you get BOTH in one all-inclusive embroidery machine package for as low as $130/month with 0% financing and free shipping.

As the manufacturer, we stand behind our products and services because we always have complete control over the quality of our machines. So whether it’s a single-head or a multi-head model, every single Ricoma machine is guaranteed to outlast and outperform any low budget machines you might find with other companies.

AND with our low monthly payments and 0% financing, investing in another machine is the smartest decision you could ever make. Our low monthly payments guarantee you’ll exceed your monthly sales goals and receive a better return on your investment. Plus, the larger machine you buy, the more you'll save on shipping!

Choose your favorite embroidery machine package...


Commercial Embroidery Machine
20-needle | Single-head

Save $400 & up on shipping


Commercial Embroidery Machine 20-needle | Two-head

Save $800 & up on shipping


Commercial Embroidery Machine 20-needle | Three-head

Save $800 & up on shipping


Starter Embroidery Machine
10-needle | Single-head

Save $400 & up on shipping


Commercial Embroidery Machine 15-needle | Single-head

Save $400 & up on shipping


Commercial Embroidery Machine 15-needle | Single-head

Save $400 & up on shipping


Commercial Embroidery Machine 15-needle | Single-head

Save $400 & up on shipping


Commercial Embroidery Machine 15-needle | Two-head

Save $800 & up on shipping


Commercial Embroidery Machine 15-needle | Four-head

Save $1,000 & up on shipping


Commercial Embroidery Machine 15-needle | Six-head

Save up to $1,500 on shipping

Still have questions?

Find the answers you need in our FAQ
How hard is it to learn how to operate a Ricoma embroidery machine?
While there is a learning curve, every Ricoma machine is user-friendly and easy to learn. In fact, most of our customers begin embroidering from the moment they unbox their machines. The key is to practice using your machine frequently to get the hang of it.
Also, remember that you’re not alone; your purchase includes free hands-on training and unlimited support 7 days a week and after hours. So if you ever run into any issues, or just need help with something on your machine, our certified technicians are here for you.
What kind of support do I get with Ricoma?
Ricoma technicians are available to you 7 days a week. When you’re starting off, you’re likely running your machine during the weekends if you have other commitments during the workweek. We understand that. That’s why, aside from having 7-day customer support, we also provide resources such as training, manuals and how-to videos on our machines. We’re constantly working on materials such as blogs, videos and webinars to help customers get started and succeed in the embroidery business.
What is the warranty for Ricoma machines?
Our machines are backed by one of the industry’s best warranties. Our 5-year warranty is provided at no additional cost and effective immediately following the purchase of your Ricoma embroidery machine.
  • 1 year: Parts and labor
  • 3 years: All electronic components
  • 5 years: Drive train components
What comes with a Ricoma machine?
We’ll answer this question with a question. What doesn’t come with a Ricoma machine? Ricoma is one of the very rare embroidery machine companies that both manufacture and sell their products. That means every Ricoma employee knows our embroidery machines inside and out. Our certified customer support staff is equipped to assist you 7 days a week (seriously, whenever you need a hand they’re just a call or webcam session away.) Aside from being the manufacturers and offering unparalleled customer support, here is what to physically expect when you go with Ricoma.
  • A welcome kit with thread, bobbin, needles, backing and more!
  • Embroidery digitizing software by Chroma
  • Hands-on training
  • A toolkit with all the tools for setup and maintenance
  • Full cap embroidery kit at no additional cost
  • A convenient stand
  • Lifetime support 7 days a week and after hours
Is training included?
What kind of training do I get?
Every Ricoma embroidery machine purchase includes free hands-on training either online or at our facility in Miami, Florida. We’ll make sure you know exactly what you’re doing before your training session is over. But if you still want additional resources to keep on hand, we also provide how-to videos and manuals.
What is the average delivery time
for a Ricoma Machine?
We test and prepare our embroidery machines at our Miami, Florida, facility. It takes about a week to test, crate and prepare our machines for shipping. Once your machine has been shipped, transit times typically range from 2 to 5 business days depending on how close you are to our facility.

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