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  • Qualify for 0% financing
  • Save up to $1,500 with FREE shipping
  • Ricoma Direct-to-Film Machine

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    *0% financing based on approved credit.
    All promotions and accessories listed on apply to the U.S. only.

    Get ready to score some ALL-STAR savings on Ricoma’s all-new Revel DTF-2402 Transfer Printer during our March Madness Sale!

    For a limited time only, you can pay as low as $277/month* with 0% financing on the DTF printer that’s taking the industry by storm. Not only that, this is your ONLY CHANCE to get FREE SHIPPING and save upwards of $1,500.

    Plus, our all-inclusive package comes complete with over $10,000 worth of accessories, including a heat press, purifier, film roll, ink, powder and more.

    Don't miss this opportunity to save BIG on the latest CRAZE in custom apparel printing. Act now before it's too late.

    *small down payment required.

    Kylea Woodley

    Kylea Woodley

    RICOMA! Thank you for great machines and phenomenal FAST customer service. Your company and staff has been nothing short of amazing.

    Posted on Facebook
    CIO Review,Facebook Customer Reviews,Google Customer Reviews,Sitches Magazine Power 75 Review
    CIO Review,Facebook Customer Reviews,Google Customer Reviews,Sitches Magazine Power 75 Review
    CIO Review,Facebook Customer Reviews,Google Customer Reviews,Sitches Magazine Power 75 Review
    CIO Review,Facebook Customer Reviews,Google Customer Reviews,Sitches Magazine Power 75 Review

    Start or grow your printing business today

    Start your printing business today

    Save big with 0% financing & low monthly payments

    While other companies hike up their prices by adding interest, we only have you pay for the actual cost of the machine alone, so you won't be caught off guard by thousands of dollars of hidden fees down the line. On top of that, during this sale we’re offering our all-inclusive Revel DTF-2402 Direct-to-Film Printer Packages for as low as $277/month with 0% financing (small down payment required). All you have to do is fill out the form to qualify for interest-free financing and affordable monthly payments.

    Save up to $1,500 with free shipping

    DTF printers are big machines, which means shipping can be very expensive. But during our March Madness Sale ONLY, shipping is absolutely FREE! So the sooner you place your order, the sooner you can save up to $1,500 and receive everything you’ll need to launch or grow your printing business.

    Free Shipping

    Get started right away with this complete DTF “business-in-a-box”

    DTF package

    You won’t find a better deal on this all-inclusive DTF package

    While other companies make you pay up to $10,000 out of pocket for all the DTF essentials, Ricoma makes sure you have EVERYTHING you need to get started right away. Set yourself up for success with our all-in-one package, which includes a heat press, purifier, software, film roll, ink, powder, and more, plus FREE SHIPPING, saving you well over $11,000 in total! And on top of that, we’ll help you install your machine and give you two days of hands-on training at your location, so you’re ready to launch your business from the get-go.

    Innovative Flexi Print and Hosonsoft printing software

    DTF package

    Professional results require professional printing software

    Flexi Print is a production powerhouse for DTF, allowing you to organize your workflow efficiently with both time and media-saving features that will skyrocket your profits. All DTF tools are conveniently organized together, making the printing process easier than ever. You can even create and store print orders with original job files and settings, so you can quickly retrieve them to be printed again.

    Hosonsoft allows you to edit your images, choose your own fonts and customize your files before sending them to your printer. With its state-of-the-art features and comprehensive user interface, Hosonsoft makes creating perfect image files easier and faster than ever.

    What’s included with the Revel DTF-2402?

    Flexi Print PM RIP software,Hosonsoft editing and print management software,60cm Hot Peel Film 100m roll,DTF Inks ONE 1L each of C,M,Y,K,W,DTF Adhesive Powder 1kg,Purifier,Ricoma 16" x 20" Auto Open Flat Heat Press,Unlimited training & support,12 month warranty,Installation & onsite training ,Access to the private elite Ricoma Facebook group
    • Flexi Print PM RIP software
    • Hosonsoft editing and print management software
    • 60cm Hot Peel Film 100m roll
    • DTF Inks ONE 1L each of C,M,Y,K,W
    • DTF Adhesive Powder 1kg
    • Purifier
    • Ricoma 16" x 20" Auto Open Flat Heat Press
    • Unlimited training & support
    • 12 month warranty
    • Installation & onsite training 
    • Access to the private elite Ricoma Facebook group

    March Madness Sale Package Price:

    Payments as low as
    + 0% Financing
    + Free Shipping

    *small down payment required.

    Produce brilliant
    full-color prints on all kinds of garments and fabrics

    Direct-to-Film Transfer Hoodies


    Direct-to-Film Transfer T-Shirts


    Direct-to-Film Transfer Caps


    Direct-to-Film Transfer Bags


    Direct-to-Film Transfer


    Direct-to-Film Transfer High Detail

    High Detail

    Direct-to-Film Transfer Jackets


    Direct-to-Film Transfer Unique Designs

    Unique Designs

    Is custom apparel printing right for you?

    Whether you’re just getting started or you’re a seasoned vet, custom apparel printing is for anyone and everyone!

    The Side-Hustler

    The Side-Hustler

    Side-hustlers who want an easy way to supplement their income can use the Revel DTF-2402 to print on a wide variety of garments, including T-Shirts, polos, sweatshirts, and much more.

    Take advantage of Ricoma’s MARCH MADNESS SAVINGS for the Revel DTF-2402 printer before this offer expires.

    Printing Businesses

    Printing Businesses

    For print shops who want to ramp up their production and stay competitive, a DTF printer is a must-have. Producing 100 transfers in under an hour, the Revel DTF-2402 will help take your business to new heights.

    Expand your print operations and save BIG while there’s still time.

    Graphic Designers

    Graphic Designers

    The speed and efficiency of the Revel DTF-2402 make it easy to create your own designs and print them in bulk for profit. Your customers can then transfer them onto their own garments for resale.

    Claim this INCREDIBLE DEAL during our March Madness Sale.

    How much profit can you make with DTF printing?

    Did you know you can print 17 T-shirts and make enough profit to cover your low monthly payment of only $277/month?

    17 Shirts =

    All you need to cover your low monthly payment of $277

    Profit Calculator

    Check out the profit margins below to learn more about your profit potential with a Revel DTF-2402 printer.


    Blanks & Materials Cost per T-shirt

    Between ink, film, powder and a blank garment, it will cost you approximately $3.72 to produce one transfer per T-shirt.


    Profit per T-shirt  

    Custom tees with a full-color printed design sell for $20 per shirt on average if sold individually. That means you stand to profit about $16.28 per shirt.


    Profit for 17 T-shirts 

    One order of 17 custom-printed shirts will generate enough profit to cover your low monthly payment of about $277.

    Experience next-generation printing features

    Versatile Printing System

    Versatile Printing System

    The Revel DTF-2402 produces stunning digital transfers, so you can print anything from single-color shirt labels to left-chest logos to full-size prints on a maximum width of 24 inches.

    Lightning-Fast Machine Output

    Lightning-Fast Machine Output

    Made for high-volume production at unprecedented speeds, the Revel DTF-2402 is capable of producing 100 transfer sheets in under an hour.

    Picture-Perfect Results

    Picture-Perfect Results

    Impress your customers with eye-popping full-color prints that can be transferred on virtually any type of garment or fabric.

    The Magic of PET Film

    The Magic of PET Film

    This printer uses translucent PET transfer film, which allows you to see your design underneath when you later heat-press it onto your garment, assuring the quality of your final product.

    Print Transfers in Bulk

    Print Transfers in Bulk

    Print and store your transfer sheets in bulk for later use, or sell them to customers who can easily transfer them onto their own garments for resale.

    Incredibly Soft Feel

    Incredibly Soft Feel

    The DTF printer’s unique powder adhesive coating gives all your prints a signature soft touch that is unlike any other printing method out there. 

    Common Revel
    DTF-2402 Myths debunked!

    Don’t let any of these myths stop you from pursuing your dream of starting a custom printing business with the Revel DTF-2402.

    Myth: I need prior experience in printing to learn how to use the Revel DTF-2402 and start my business.

    Truth: You don’t need a background in DTF printing or printers, in general, to start or grow your business with the Revel DTF-2402. The Revel DTF-2402 packages come with all the tools and resources you need to start creating custom goods right from the get-go. We even provide two whole days of FREE onsite training to help you learn your new machine, as well as unlimited lifetime technical support 7 days a week and after hours.

    Click here to learn more about our training and support.

    Myth: I can’t afford the Revel DTF-2402 Direct-to-Film printer and all the necessary accessories needed.

    Truth: Not only is the Revel DTF-2402 more affordable during our March Madness Sale, but it’s also super easy to cover your low monthly payment with just one order of custom t-shirts. Plus, you’ll get everything you need to get started, including a heat press, purifier, ink, film roll, and more for FREE. All these extras would cost you thousands of dollars more with other companies.

    Myth: I’ll never be able to grow my business because I don’t know anything about marketing or where to find customers.

    Truth: Most new businesses start out by word of mouth, going to trade shows, and using the power of social media to get their name in front of people.

    Myth: I won’t be able to fix my printer if I have a service issue.

    Truth: During your free hands-on training, we’ll teach you the basics of machine maintenance. We even come to your location if you need further assistance.

    Ricoma Training Academy

    Get exclusive access to our Ricoma Training Academy for free and learn everything there is to know about printing.

    ricoma training
    Receive 2 days of on-site training at your location (installation also included)
    Enjoy unlimited training for the lifetime of your machine
    Jason Davenport

    Jason Davenport

    Excellent customer service and a great machine. Ricoma takes care of you! I'll always get a Ricoma as our business grows!

    Posted on Facebook

    We got your back, 7 days a week and after hours

    Ricoma Customer Support

    We are the only company that offers unlimited lifetime technical support 7 days a week and after regular business hours.  Whether you’re working on new projects late in the evening as a side hustle or trying to catch up on customer orders over the weekend, we’re here to assist no matter the time or place.

    Tons of free resources to perfect your craft

    Our #1 goal is to provide you with ALL the tools and resources you’ll need to launch your first printing side-hustle from home or grow your apparel business.

    Ricoma Connect Private Facebook Group

    Ricoma Connect Private Facebook Group

    This customers-only group is a great place to ask technical questions and get the help you need from other Revel DTF-2402 printer owners.

    Ricoma YouTube Channel

    Ricoma YouTube Channel

    We have TONS of fun and informative videos on a broad range of topics, including printing tutorials, printing method comparison videos and much more.

    Live Q&A's

    Live Q&A's

    Every month we host live Q&As with Ricoma CEO, Henry Ma, where he personally answers all of your questions on the air.

    Customer Portal

    Customer Portal

    As a Ricoma customer, you’ll have access to all of your trainings, account information and more through your very own customer portal.

    100% satisfaction guaranteed

    Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

    We guarantee that if you take advantage of this promotion, you'll be 100% satisfied with your Revel DTF-2402 Direct-to-Film Printer. So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of low monthly payments with 0% financing and FREE SHIPPING before it's too late.

    Enjoy peace of mind with our 1-year limited warranty

    Ricoma warranty

    Keep your Revel DTF-2402 Direct-to-Film printer covered with our 1-year limited warranty. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing your business is backed by the industry's best support and warranty.


    Model type
    Print head technology
    Epson I3200-A1
    Resolution settings
    Typical print speeds
    8pass: 6 m2/h 6pass: 8 m2/h
    Color control
    ICC color profile with adjust function
    Printable area (width)
    24 inches
    Genuine Direct-to-Film water-based CMYK and white inks
    Operating environment
    Temperature 64°F-82°F, Humidity 50%-70%
    Electrical requirements
    50HZ/60HZ 220V 10A
    Required operating systems
    Windows 7 or above
    Printable substrates
    Combed Cotton, Ring Spun Cotton, Organic Cotton, Polyester, Blended Fabrics, Poly-Cottons, Tri-Blends, Polyester-Spandex
    Supported file types
    Machine: 63”L x 35.4”W x 51.2”H
    Shipment package: 73.2”L x 37.8”W x 30
    Net weight: 330.7 lbs. (150 kg)
    Gross weight: 441 lbs. (200 kg)
    March Madness Sale ends soon!