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  • Get FREE shipping (up to $1,500 value)
  • FREE digitizing software upgrade (up to      $1,400 value)
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    *0% financing based on approved credit.
    All promotions and accessories listed on apply to the U.S. only.

    Get ready to score huge savings on an embroidery machine package during our March Madness Sale!

    Whether you’re starting or growing your custom apparel business, you’re guaranteed to win when you lock in payments as low as $135/month with 0% financing. On top of that, we’re also including FREE SHIPPING on all packages and a FREE Chroma digitizing software upgrade on select machines, saving you THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS extra.

    So if you want a slam dunk of a deal on America’s #1 embroidery machine package, don’t pass up this opportunity during our March Madness Sale.

    See why embroiderers love Ricoma
    See why embroiderers love Ricoma

    Ken Lopez

    My MT-1502 won’t stop making me money! I’m loving this business!

    Posted on Facebook
    CIO Review,Facebook Customer Reviews,Google Customer Reviews,Sitches Magazine Power 75 Review
    CIO Review,Facebook Customer Reviews,Google Customer Reviews,Sitches Magazine Power 75 Review
    CIO Review,Facebook Customer Reviews,Google Customer Reviews,Sitches Magazine Power 75 Review
    CIO Review,Facebook Customer Reviews,Google Customer Reviews,Sitches Magazine Power 75 Review

    Start or grow your custom apparel business today

    Start your business today

    Save big with 0% financing & low monthly payments

    You don’t need to break the bank and make launching or growing your business any more challenging. During our March Madness Sale, you can score big by investing in a complete embroidery machine package for as low as $135/month. Plus, you can now stop interest fees from skyrocketing your monthly payments and the overall cost of your machine when you qualify for 0% financing. That means extra savings on your machine!

    Get free shipping and save up to $1,500

    Free is a word you don’t hear often, but we want to give you the best deal possible. So to help keep more money in your pocket, we’re offering FREE SHIPPING on ALL machine packages. That means the bigger the machine, the more you’ll save on free shipping—up to $1,500 to be exact.

    You will save
    Up to $1,500
    Free Shipping

    Free Chroma digitizing software upgrade (up to $1,400 value) 

    Chroma digitizing software

    Bring your embroidery design ideas to life with Chroma digitizing software

    Want to get the most out of Chroma? Then act fast because we’re offering you the chance to unlock even more digitizing tools and features during our March Madness Sale. All of our machines come standard with our premier Chroma Inspire software ($600 value). But if you purchase a commercial single-head, we’ll upgrade you to Chroma Plus (extra $700 value) for free. And if you want to go all-in with a commercial multi-head machine, you’ll receive the highest software upgrade available, which is our fully-equipped Chroma Luxe ($1,400 value).

    See why embroiderers love us

    Brandi Voltz

    Brandi Voltz

    First time posting some of my work. I designed this quick little logo for a client. He loves it! I’m really enjoying my MT-1502. No thread breaks. I just stand back and watch the magic happen.

    Attached image
    Linda Russell

    Linda Russell

    Service and training is awesome!

    Rene Loyless Schultz

    Rene Loyless Schultz

    I’ve had single needle for 8 years and just bought the Ricoma EM1010. Loving it.

    What's included with every embroidery

    Embroidery machine<br/>(Choose from any of our models),Heavy-duty steel stand,Multiple hoops,Cap driver assembly with cap rings,Embroidery starter kit,Chroma Inspire digitizing software,Free training,Ricoma limited 5-year warranty,UNLIMITED lifetime technical support
    • Embroidery machine
      (Choose from any of our models)
    • Heavy-duty steel stand
    • Multiple hoops
    • Cap driver assembly with cap rings
    • Embroidery starter kit
    • Chroma Inspire digitizing software
    • Free training
    • Ricoma limited 5-year warranty
    • UNLIMITED lifetime technical support

    Let your imagination run wild

    Ricoma Embroidery Caps


    Ricoma Embroidery Polo Shirts

    Polo Shirts

    Ricoma Embroidery Bags


    Ricoma Embroidery Aprons


    Ricoma Embroidery Leather Jackets

    Leather Jackets

    Ricoma Embroidery Hoodies


    Ricoma Embroidery 3D Puff

    3D Puff

    Ricoma Embroidery Towels


    Is embroidery right
    for you?

    See how these entrepreneurs turned into embroidery professionals in no time.

    The Self-Starter

    The Self-Starter

    "This is a big step up from the machine we used to have before." 

    Angel Santos

    Angel Santos

    Owner of A-TEE Print
    The Hobbyist

    The Hobbyist

    "Being creative and seeing people wear the stuff that I've made is a good feeling." 

    Linda Russell

    Linda Russell

    Co-Owner of Innovative Icons
    The Business Owner

    The Business Owner

    "From a single-head to a 6-head, this thing blasted through these hats. Had no problems."

    Joe Perez

    Joe Perez

    Owner of Hustle & Heart Printing

    Which machine is right for you?

    Choose from our industry-leading embroidery machines featuring cutting-edge technology.

    Ricoma EM-1010 Embroidery Machine


    Single-Head Entry Level
    Embroidery Machine

    Jump into the exciting world of embroidery with the perfect starter embroidery machine. Equipped with 10 durable needles, you’ll be able to WOW your friends and family with stunning multi-colored designs on caps, shirts and more.

    Keep in mind that our March Madness Sale won’t last long, which means you don’t have much time to secure low monthly payments with 0% financing and FREE SHIPPING on a single-head machine.

    Ricoma TC-1501 Embroidery Machine


    Ricoma MT-1501 Embroidery Machine


    Ricoma SWD-1501 Embroidery Machine


    Ricoma MT-2001-8S Embroidery Machine


    Single-Head Commercial
    Embroidery Machines

    Kick your embroidery into high gear with our 15 and 20-needle single-head models. These commercial machines have the largest embroidery areas in the industry, allowing you to produce large-scale designs on all types of garments.

    And for a limited time only, you can lock in low monthly payments, FREE SHIPPING and a free upgrade to Chroma Plus with your purchase of a fully commercial single-head model during our March Madness Sale.

    Ricoma MT-1502 Embroidery Machine


    Ricoma MT-2002-8S Embroidery Machine


    Ricoma MT-2003-8S Embroidery Machine


    Ricoma CHT2-1504 Embroidery Machine


    Ricoma CHT2-1506 Embroidery Machine


    Ricoma CHT2-1508 Embroidery Machine


    Ricoma CHT2-1512 Embroidery Machine


    Multi-Head Commercial
    Embroidery Machines

    Take your custom apparel game to the next level with our popular multi-head commercial embroidery machines. Available in 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 and even 12 heads, these powerful workhorses can breeze through flats and caps, which will keep your productivity high—and your profits even higher.

    But there isn’t much time left to get a free Chroma Luxe digitizing software upgrade alongside FREE SHIPPING with ALL our multi-head embroidery machine packages during our March Madness Sale.

    How much profit can you make with cap embroidery?

    Did you know you can embroider 10 caps in less than 2 hours and make more than enough profit to cover your low monthly payment of only $135/month?

    10 Caps =

    all you need to cover your low monthly payment of only $135!

    Profit Calculator

    Check out the profit margins below to learn more about your profit potential with a Ricoma embroidery machine.



    It costs approximately $4.50 in materials to produce one cap. You can typically sell each cap for $18.00, which means you’ll make a profit of $13.50 per cap! So one small order of 10 caps is enough to cover your low monthly payment of only $135!

    10 min

    Stitch time per cap

    The average cap design is about 3,000 stitches. The average stitches per minute for cap embroidery is usually 600. This means each hat will stitch out in only 5 minutes. Add an extra 5 minutes for hooping or breaks and you’re looking at about 10 minutes per cap.


    Profit in 8-hour workday

    Since each cap will take you only 10 minutes to embroider, you can embroider around 6 caps per hour, which is 48 caps total in an 8-hour workday! With a profit potential of at least $13.50 per cap, that means you can make over $600 in a single day!

    Common custom apparel myths debunked!

    Don’t let any of these myths stop you from pursuing your dream of starting a custom apparel business.

    Myth: I need experience in embroidery to learn the machine and start a business.

    Truth: You don’t need a background in embroidery to start an apparel business. All you need is our all-inclusive machine package and the drive to succeed. Additionally, we provide FREE in-depth training to help you learn your new machine and unlimited lifetime technical support 7 days a week and after hours.

    Click here to learn more about our training and support.

    Myth: I can’t afford an embroidery machine.

    Truth: It’s super easy to cover your low monthly payment and make a profit (see cap example above). And because we’re the manufacturers, we have the most competitive pricing in the industry. Plus, you’ll get everything you need to get started, including cap attachments, accessories, software and more, which would cost you thousands of dollars extra with other companies.

    Myth: I won’t be able to fix my machine if I have a service issue.

    Truth: During your free hands-on training, we’ll teach you the basics of machine maintenance. We even come to your location if you need further assistance with your machine, so you don’t have to spend time or money shipping it back to one of our certified technicians. You can also get help at any time by watching our technical service videos on YouTube.

    Myth: I’ll never be able to grow my business because I don’t know anything about marketing or where to find customers.

    Truth: Most new business comes from word of mouth, family and friends, so you don't even have to pay a dime on marketing costs. If you have a print business, you can become a one-stop shop and grow your average order value (AOV) by cross-selling embroidered items to your customers.

    Ricoma Training Academy

    Learn everything there is to know about embroidery so you can climb
    the learning curve with ease and start embroidering right away.

    ricoma training
    Get acquainted with your new machine by watching our pre-training videos
    Receive training online or on-site at one of our locations
    Get 2 days of face-to-face training at your home or business with the purchase of a multi-head machine

    Jason Davenport

    Excellent customer service and a great machine. Ricoma takes care of you! I'll always get a Ricoma as our business grows!

    Posted on Facebook

    We got your back, 7 days a week and after hours

    Ricoma Customer Support

    We are the only company that offers unlimited lifetime technical support 7 days a week and after regular business hours.  Whether you’re working on new projects late in the evening as a side hustle or trying to catch up on customer orders over the weekend, we’re here to assist no matter the time or place.

    Take advantage of our free online resources

    Our #1 goal is to provide you with ALL the tools and resources you’ll need to launch your first embroidery shop from home or scale your embroidery business.

    Ricoma Connect Private Facebook Group

    Ricoma Connect Private Facebook Group

    This customers-only group is a great place to ask technical questions and get the help you need from other Ricoma machine owners.

    Ricoma YouTube Channel

    Ricoma YouTube Channel

    We have TONS of fun and informative videos on a broad range of topics, including embroidery tutorials on appliqué, digitizing, cap embroidery and more.

    Live Q&A's

    Live Q&A's

    Every month we host live Q&As with Ricoma CEO, Henry Ma, where he personally answers all of your questions on the air.

    Customer Portal

    Customer Portal

    As a Ricoma customer, you’ll have access to all of your training, account information and more through your very own customer portal.

    100% satisfaction guaranteed

    Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

    We guarantee that if you take advantage of this promotion, you'll be 100% satisfied with your all-inclusive embroidery package. So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of low monthly payments with 0% financing, FREE shipping, and a FREE digitizing software upgrade with the purchase of a fully commercial single-head or multi-head machine.

    Enjoy peace of mind with our 5-year limited warranty

    Ricoma warranty

    Our 5-year warranty is provided at no additional cost and effective immediately following the purchase of your Ricoma embroidery machine.

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    United States

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