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Are you ready to see if Chroma digitizing software is right for you? Chroma’s revolutionary design features an intuitive interface and a wealth of customization tools that allow digitizers of all skill levels to create intricate designs fast and easily. Download your FREE trial of Chroma Luxe and unlock all the innovative digitizing tools and features that Chroma has to offer.
“I am glad I upgraded to Luxe. I am still learning, but seems to be a lot easier to use than the other digitizing program that I have.”

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Download your free trial of Luxe and enjoy all the digitizing features Chroma has to offer!

Chroma Luxe contains all the features in Inspire and Plus, as well as several advanced features unique to this tier. Whether you are completely new to the world of digitizing or you're simply looking to hone your skills, Chroma’s easy-to-use interface and library of convenient tools can turn anyone into a digitizing pro in no time!

Design Database

Design Analysis

Slice Tool

Nap Blocker

133 Digitized Fonts

13 Puffy Fonts

Bubble Text

Font Editor


Pattern Creator

Color Blending

And So Much more!

Why digitizing is good
for your business?

Keep more of your money in-house

Speed up your turn-around times

Edit a design quickly and easily without
having to wait on a third-party digitizer

See how a design will look before you embroider it

Create stunning custom designs that everyone will love

Chroma is perfect for...

Whether you’re an embroiderer looking for greater control of the design process, a full-time digitizer who makes their living digitizing designs, or an instructor training the next generation of designers – Chroma is the perfect tool for you!

Chroma is the must have tool for any digitizer! With an easy-to-use interface and built-in customization tools, Chroma accelerates the digitizing process – allowing digitizers to create high-quality designs quickly and easily.
Never outsource your digitizing again! Built and designed for new and experienced embroiderers alike, any embroiderer can quickly become a digitizing master with Chroma Digitizing Software.
The future of graphic and fashion design begins with Chroma! Students and teachers will receive the full digitizing learning experience with Chroma's simple customization tools and free training videos – eliminating the digitizing learning curve so they can dive straight into practical, hands-on designing for embroidered garments.
Available for Mac and PC
Other digitizing programs are only compatible with PC computers. With Chroma, however, you can download the program onto your Mac without having to purchase a separate machine or software, saving you both money and space.
No Dongle Needed
You'll never have to worry about breaking, losing, or replacing any hardware to run Chroma. Just download Chroma directly to your computer and you'll be all set to start digitizing awesome designs instantly – no outdated dongle required!
Automatic Updates
We’re constantly improving Chroma by adding new options and tools as well as making frequent improvements to our interface to deliver an exceptional digitizing experience. The best part? You don’t have to do a thing – all updates are automatically installed for you as they come out!
Exclusive Chroma Luxe Features
From its easy-to-use interface to its extensive library of designs and customization tools, Chroma Luxe is your secret weapon to creating stunning customized designs that will grab anyone’s attention. With a wide array of features – including 133 Digitized Fonts, 13 Puffy Fonts, Bubble Text, Color Blending Options, and more – you’ll unlock your full digitizing potential when you download a free trial of Chroma Luxe today!

Free Live Training

Ready to purchase Chroma after your free trial? We offer FREE live training so you can learn the ins and outs of Chroma's capabilities and become a digitizing expert in no time!

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“I am in love with Chroma. I just did a leaf for a project I’m working on and it came out fabulous!”
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Are you still unsure whether or not Chroma is right for you and your business? No worries! That’s why we’re giving you an unlimited free trial of Chroma Luxe, so you can see just how easy Chroma makes the entire digitizing process!

*Please note that you will not be able to save or export your digitized files without first purchasing a license for any tier of Chroma.