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Ever wondered how much you could make with embroidery?
Discover your earning potential with the FREE Embroidery Profit Calculator
Are you interested in starting an embroidery business, but aren’t sure how much you could actually profit off of your items?

Use our online calculator to quickly plug in your overhead costs, the machine you’re planning on using, the garments you’ll embroider and more to determine your monthly profit potential and tips for how to price your items.

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What you'll get

Plug in your costs and requested items to reveal...

  • How long it will take to embroider your item
  • The average cost of materials
  • Recommended price per items based on optimal profit margins
  • How your machine run time will play into your profitability
  • The number of garments you’ll need to embroider to break even
  • And finally... your gross profit per month!

Your results breakdown

Let’s crunch the numbers

The results will vary based on how many hours you run your machine, how many heads your machine has, and many other factors that affect output. For the most accurate projection of your profit, enter realistic estimates of costs and the amount of hours you plan to run your machine daily. Once done, we’ll reveal...

  • Monthly & annual net profit
  • Number of garments you’ll need to break even
  • Number of months you’ll need to pay off the full cost of your machine
  • Number of garments you’ll produce in one hour, day and month
  • Your total cost per garment
  • Optimal price per garment and gross profit per item
  • Your gross profit per month
This calculator is for you if...
You’re interested in starting an embroidery business and want to know your potential monthly profit
You already own a business and want to know how to price your items for maximum profitability
You’re a hobbyist considering selling your items and are curious about how much you could make
You want to determine which machine to buy to maximize your profitability and cover your monthly payments
You want a quick and easy way to see what costs play a role in your profitability
This is not for you if you aren’t curious about your profit potential and already know how to best price your items for maximum profitability
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