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RICOH Ri 1000 DTG Printer Package

Payments as low as
$235 /month
0% financing

Ricoma has partnered with Ricoh to present to you an award-winning DTG printer that will revolutionize your business.

So, if you're ready to produce vivid prints on a variety of garments, look no further than the RICOH Ri 1000 direct-to-garment printer package!

With this combination of financing and quality, you can seamlessly print superior quality images on light or dark garments for as low as $235/month with 0% financing.


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*0% financing based on approved credit
*All promotions and accessories listed on apply to the U.S.,
Canada, Caribbean and select LATAM countries only.
  • Award-winning
  • best in class
  • blazing-fast print speeds
  • industrial reliability
  • showroom-quality prints

Ricoma presents the RICOH Ri 1000

Award-winning printing technology

Ricoma has partnered with Ricoh to bring you the latest and greatest direct to garment printing technology along with Ricoma's superior training and support. With this combination of quality and affordability, you can start your printing business with confidence all for as low as $235/month.

Professional-Level Performance at an Affordable Price

Get even more for less. Winner of the 2019 SGIA Product of the Year Award, the RICOH Ri 1000 is an ideal solution for new businesses, print shops looking to expand their offerings, and e-commerce businesses with mid-volume production. With fast speeds, high image quality, more accurate colors, and automated setup and maintenance, the RICOH Ri 1000 easily outperforms its competition.

What you get with the RICOH Ri 1000 DTG printer package

The RICOH Ri 1000 DTG printer package comes with everything you'll need to print vivid garments in no time, including a heat press, with low monthly payments and 0% financing!

  • RICOH Ri 1000 DTG Printer
  • Anarip Software
  • Colorgate Software
  • Ricoma Training Academy
  • iKonix manual 15 x15 heat press
  • Wagner sprayer
  • Pretreatment
  • 2 pretreated shirts
  • Teflon paper
  • Cleaning liquid
  • 2 sets of CMYK ink cartridges
  • 4 white ink cartidges

Ricoma Training Academy

Included in your package is Ricoma's legendary training and support. You'll leave Ricoma's training academy with the know-how and confidence you'll need to begin printing quality garments in no time!

Save BIG on monthly payments with interest-free financing!

With 0% interest financing and low monthly payments, we help you pay off your machine while you’re ramping up your business so that you’re able to profit off your machine and not feel the pressure of paying off a large upfront investment right away.

Because we believe in your success, when you qualify for 0% financing, you won’t need any money down and you won’t owe a penny more than the cost of your machine. Now that’s a great deal!

The RICOH Ri 1000 DTG printer package
is perfect for you if...

  • You want to launch a successful and profitable business with the most popular apparel decoration method
  • You want full control of your production in-house to be able to deliver your products in a timely manner to your standards
  • You want to impress your customers by printing vibrant, full-color designs on both light and dark garments
  • You want the industry's best training and technical support after hours and on weekends to decrease your downtime and provide assistance when you need it most
  • You want low, manageable monthly payments that will allow you to grow your business quickly
  • This IS NOT for you if you want to incur monthly interest charges that will cut into your profits and pay more for accessories that already come with this bundle

See why Ricoma is #1 when it comes to customer satisfaction…

Fast Speeds

The next-generation RICOH Ri 1000 prints full-color 10-inch x 8-inch graphics on light garments in less than 28 seconds.

Sharp, Vibrant Images

Wow your customers with eye-popping prints. With a high-accuracy carriage and table, minimum ink drop size of 3 pL, precise table height adjustment, and dressable platens, the RICOH Ri 1000 delivers beautifully crisp, high resolution images up to 1200 x 1200 dpi.

'Walk-Up' Ready With Automated Maintenance

The Ri 1000 is the only walk-up ready DTG printer in the industry. While other DTG printers require frequent maintenance, the RICOH Ri 1000 saves time by automating white ink agitation, self-cleaning functions, and continuous monitoring of ink supply and air levels. For maintenance functions that are not automated, the RICOH Ri 1000’s built-in Interactive Operation Guide alerts users, sending them reminders to complete necessary tasks. The result is a printer that is low-maintenance and ready to print at any time.

Built-In Interactive Operation Guide With Smart Alerts

To make maintenance even easier, the RICOH Ri 1000 features a built-in Interactive Operation Guide. Accessible through the machine's spacious 7" touchscreen display, the interactive guide provides smart alerts reminding you when to perform routine manual maintenance tasks. Recognized for these cutting-edge features, the RICOH Ri 1000 direct-to-garment printer earned its designation as a RED HOT Technology in 2019.

Time-Proven Quality & Reliability

A CES 2019 Innovation Award honoree, the RICOH Ri 1000 is built to world-class quality standards. It offers rugged, industrial-strength steel construction and reliable, time-proven components. Enjoy dependable, industry-leading functionality with features like the high-performance Ricoh-built print engine and print heads. The RICOH Ri 1000 is a workhorse ready to fill demanding jobs for years to come.

Quick-Change Platens for Versatility & Ease of Use

With the RICOH Ri 1000, changing platens is a snap. Quick-change magnetic platens, available in multiple styles and sizes up to an extra-large 16" x 19.6", provide a variety of print options and easily snap on and off the machine with virtually no downtime. Dressable platen design makes garments easier to load, prevents ink bleed, and helps garments lay flatter for higher accuracy when printing.

Cover your monthly payment with just one order

Did you know you can cover your monthly payment AND make a profit with just one order of custom shirts

Let’s breakdown the math:

A typical wholesale t-shirt costs $2.00. Depending on the image you’re printing, the ink can cost around $1.00 per shirt, which equates to a total of about $3.00 per shirt.

On average, most shirts with a full-color custom design sell for $25 per shirt if sold individually.

That means your profit potential is approximately $22!

With that in mind, one small order of 11 shirts is enough to cover your monthly payment!

Starting your first printing business?

Are you excited to start your first t-shirt printing business but are hesitant because of the learning curve or are worried that you won’t be able to see a quick return on your investment?

Whether you’re a creative graphic artist who wants to build your own brand or are a business savvy entrepreneur who wants to profit from a desirable industry, the RICOH Ri 1000 comes with all of the accessories and support that you’ll need to get your business off the ground quickly.

With such great support, you won't find such low monthly payments and 0% financing anywhere else. So, if you’re ready to make your t-shirt business a reality, click here to qualify for interest free financing and payments as low as $235/month.

Do you want to expand your embroidery or screen-printing business with DTG?

Do you already own an apparel decoration business, but have to turn away orders for DTG?

Turning away orders puts less money in your pocket and also turns away potential customers that you could upsell with your other services. Not to mention, outsourcing your services is very risky because of unpredictable turnarounds and no control over the product quality.

If you really want to own a full-service printing business that can fulfill all of your customer’s requests while keeping your profits in-house, then adding DTG to your existing printing business is a no brainer, especially with such low monthly payments compared to your monthly profit potential.

With the popularity and quality of DTG combined with 0% financing, you’ll be sure to keep your customers happy and see a quick return on your new investment, especially with low monthly payments.

Are you a commercial printing business that wants to add new product lines to expand your capacity?

Whether you’re a commercial business that already owns DTG machines or are seeking to expand your printing business with this new technology, RICOH Ri 1000 DTG printers are the best quality printer in their class and offer the best value, allowing you to expand.

As a commercial printer, you know that the more variety you are able to print on with the most mediums will allow you to dominate the printing market and land other huge commercial clients. Not to mention, you won't have to pay any interest when you qualify for our 0% financing.

Commonly asked questions

Do I need a computer or an internet connection?
Do I need to be a computer expert to use the RICOH Ri 1000?
Will the RICOH Ri 1000 take up too much space in my shop or leave any messy ink behind?
Do the prints need to be heat-treated?

Machine Specs

Feature RICOH Ri 1000
Printable Area Up to 16" x 19.6" / 40.6 cm x 49.8 cm
Print Head Technology Ricoh piezo-electric drop-on-demand inkjet
Ink Chambers/Nozzles per Chamber 4 Ricoh print heads 8
channels/192 nozzles per channel
Typical Print Speeds
(10" x 8" graphic, light garment)
Speed: 28 seconds
Fine: 42 seconds
Resolution Settings Speed: 600x600 dpi/4 pass
Fine: 600x600 dpi/8 pass
Superfine: 1200x1200 dpi/16 pass
Ink Genuine Ricoh-approved direct to garment
water-based pigmented CMYK and white inks
Ink Delivery System Advanced closed-loop delivery system; Auto
ink circulation system for white channels
Printable Substrates 100% cotton and high-cotton blends; 100% light poly, up to 50/50 dark poly, wood and canvas. Hats, shoes and other extended media options coming soon
Table Height Adjustment Precision manual table height adjustment up to 1.2"/3.0 cm
Maintenance Features Precise ink monitoring, auto ink maintenance system, automated print head cleaning, power purge system to help fill and remove ink from system
Operating Environment 59F/15C to 90F/32C, Humidity 45-80% RH, non-condensing humidifier recommended
Connectivity Supports USB drive and Ethernet
Electrical Requirements 100/120VAC 50-60Hz, 0.65A max, 70 watts
Dimensions 18.9"H x 52.2"L x 33.9"W
Weight 242.5 lbs (110 kg)
Curing Temperatures and Times - Heat Press (conveyor times vary) Light shirt (CMYK only): 356F/180C, 40 seconds Dark shirt (white ink): 330F/165C, 90 seconds
Pretreatment Genuine Ricoh-approved pretreatment formulas. Use included HVLP Wagner power sprayer or automatic sprayer in a separate room from your printer.
Standard Platen Medium (Included) 12.6" x 18" / 32 x 45.7 cm
Optional Platens Large
16" x 19.6" / 40.6 x 49.8 cm
10.5" x 13" / 26.6 x 33 cm
More options available soon.
Required Operating System Windows 7/8/10, 32-bit or 64-bit
Recommended Graphics Application Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW
Supported File Types TIFF, PNG, JPG, PDF, BMP