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Payments as low as $133/month
with 0% financing & FREE shipping

In honor of our first official sale of 2020, Ricoma is giving embroiderers presidential treatment.

How? You can start or grow your custom apparel business with a brand-new, all-inclusive embroidery machine package today and unlock FREE shipping and monthly payments as low as $133/month when you qualify for 0% financing.

With up to $1,500 off shipping, you can start the year with extra cash in your pocket to invest into your business!

Low Monthly Payments!

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*0% financing based on approved credit

*All promotions and accessories listed on ricoma.us apply to the
U.S., Canada, Caribbean and select LATAM countries only.

Get started for less for a limited time only!

Save BIG with
0% financing

Start or grow your business for as low as $133/month and forget about upfront costs! When you qualify for 0% financing, you’ll enjoy zero interest and can get started with little to NO MONEY DOWN.

I want 0% financing

Save up to $1,500 on shipping!

You automatically qualify for FREE shipping (up to $1,500).

Depending on the size of the machine you get, you could be saving as much as $1,500.

What can you do for your custom apparel business with up to an extra $1,500?

Extra cash in your pocket means more opportunities to grow your business. Whether you invest in specialty hoops to expand your product selection or purchase extra blanks to start building your inventory, you'll be one step ahead with savings this big.

Buy a single-head and save $400 & up Buy a two-head and save $800 & up Buy a four-head and save $1,000 & up Buy a six-head or up and save up to $1,500

The Ricoma Promise

What you get with Ricoma

When you become a Ricoma customer, you become a part of the Ricoma family. Whether you’re starting or expanding your embroidery business, we’ll be right by your side with the tools and resources you need to see a return on your investment within months of purchasing your machine!

In fact, our team will go the extra mile to ensure you’re equipped to get the most out of your machine.

And if our unmatched industry support isn’t enough, investing in your own all-inclusive embroidery machine package also means receiving:

Hands-on training and unlimited technical support

A heavy-duty steel stand

An embroidery starter kit complete with thread, needles, backing and more

Chroma digitizing software

A 3-month subscription to HoopMade embroidery design library

Ricoma’s limited 5-year warranty

Multiple hoops and cap attachments (number varies by machine)

Don’t take it from us. Hear what our
customers are saying…

Join the thousands of others who
are succeeding in the embroidery business with Ricoma.

Our mission is to help embroidery business owners everywhere experience success within their first year of business.

Ricoma is #1 when it comes to
customer satisfaction…

Contact us today to experience our top-notch
training and support for yourself!

Cover ONE monthly payment in under THREE hours!

What if we told you that you only have to sell 15 embroidered T-shirts to cover one monthly payment of $133?

How? Most wholesale T-shirts can be purchased for as low as $2 each, with materials adding another $1 to your cost. If you sell your T-shirts at $12 a piece, you stand to profit $9 per T-shirt.

Let’s say the design you’re embroidering is approximately 5,000 stitches. That’s 75,000 stitches across 15 T-shirts.

If you embroider at 800 stitches per minute (spm), you’d complete the order in about one hour and a half of machine run time on a single-head.

75,000 / 800 = ~ 1.5 hours

Add in another hour for hooping and other production tasks and you’ll complete 15 T-shirts in…

2.5 hours!

With a profit of $9 per shirt, embroidering 15 shirts would produce $135 in profit (enough to cover one monthly payment in less than three hours)!

$9 profit per T-shirt x 15 T-shirts = $135

Just imagine what you could profit if you had a multi-head embroidery machine!

This offer is perfect for you if…

Whether you’re a beginner, an embroidery expert or custom apparel business owner, this offer is perfect for custom apparel business owners at all stages. If any of these sound like you, it’s time to make a decision.

You want to take your hobby to the next level by expanding to a multi-needle embroidery machine so that you can complete your projects faster and more efficiently

You want to take your business to the next level by expanding to a commercial embroidery machine that can run continuously and keep up with your orders

You want a durable machine with unmatched industry support and free resources that will help you expand your business as needed

You want to bring embroidery in house so that you can maintain full control of your quality and output and increase your profit intake

You want low, manageable monthly payments so you can see a return on your investment faster

This offer IS NOT for you if you want to pay high monthly payments and pay extra for accessories that already come with our machines

You want to save money on shipping so you can use that extra cash to invest in other aspects of your business, such as marketing or materials.

This offer IS NOT for you if you don't care about excellent service and support directly from the manufacturers of the machine

This offer IS NOT for you if you want to pay high monthly payments and pay extra for accessories that already come with our machines

This offer is for me!

What’s in it for YOU?

Starting your first embroidery business?

Thinking about starting your own embroidery business, but worry that your lack of experience and tools will delay your success?

Don’t worry! You can secure free hands-on training and unlimited technical support to help you get your business up and running with our all-inclusive embroidery machine packages.

With 7-day and after-hours support at your disposal, you’ll work confidently knowing that help is just a phone call away.

I want the best support!

Is it time to bring your embroidery in-house?

Outsourcing may seem like the cheaper option until you realize just how much profit you’re losing from each sale.

Not only are you losing profit but you’re also losing control over your quality and turnaround times.

Stop wasting time and money working with other companies when you can get it done yourself and pocket all the profit.

Take advantage of your full profit potential and bring embroidery in-house today for as little as $133/month when you qualify for 0% financing and FREE shipping!

I want low monthly payments

Ready to expand your embroidery business?

Are you at the point in your embroidery business where the demand for orders exceeds your production capacity?

Achieve faster turnaround times for your customers and increase your profit by investing in a multi-head embroidery machine.

This President's Sale, grow your business for less with FREE shipping up to $1,500 and some of our lowest monthly payments to date when you claim our offer BEFORE 6 PM ET on Feb. 21.

I want to grow my business for less!

What you can do with our rockstar lineup

All that’s left to do is check out our rockstar lineup to determine which machine is best for you.

Then, see your profit potential with each machine (using a simple left chest logo example).

Let’s assume you profit $10 per shirt when your cost is $5 and you charge $15 per shirt.

The typical left chest logo consists of 7,000 stitches. If you embroider at 900 stitches per minute, you’d complete each shirt in 8 minutes.

Let’s round up to 10 minutes to account for hooping and color changes. Each custom embroidered shirt would take 10 minutes to create.


Starter Embroidery Machine

10-needle | Single-head

6 shirts per hour = $60 per hour

48 shirts per day = $480 per
8-hour workday


Commercial Machine

15-needle | Single-head

6 shirts per hour = $60 per hour

48 shirts per day = $480 per
8-hour workday


Commercial Machine

15-needle | Two-head

12 shirts per hour = $120 per hour

96 shirts per day = $960 per
8-hour workday


Commercial Machine

15-needle | Four-head

24 shirts per hour = $240 per hour

192 shirts per day = $1,920 per
8-hour workday


Commercial Machine

15-needle | Six-head

36 shirts per hour = $360 per hour

288 shirts per day = $2,880 per
8-hour workday

Sounds too good to be true? It’s not.

Just imagine what you can do if you maximize this potential. (And trust us, you can.)

That’s why we have customers with single-heads who work more than 8 hours a day because they can’t keep up. Just ask our customer Jamie Carnes, who expanded to a six-head and now is able to finish orders early and expand her business.

Commonly asked questions

What comes with a Ricoma machine?

We’ll answer this question with a question. What doesn’t come with a Ricoma machine? Ricoma is one of the very rare embroidery machine companies that both manufacture and sell their products. That means every Ricoma employee knows our embroidery machines inside and out. Our certified customer support staff is equipped to assist you 7 days a week (seriously, whenever you need a hand they’re just a call or webcam session away.) Aside from being the manufacturers and offering unparalleled customer support, here is what to physically expect when you go with Ricoma.

A welcome kit with thread, bobbin, needles, backing and more!

Chroma embroidery digitizing software

Embroidery starter kit

Hands-on training

A toolkit with all the tools for setup and maintenance

Full cap embroidery kit at no additional cost

What kind of support do I get with Ricoma?

Ricoma technicians are available to you 7 days a week. When you’re starting off, you’re likely running your machine during the weekends if you have other commitments during the workweek. We understand that. That’s why, aside from having 7-day customer support, we also provide resources such as training, manuals and how-to videos on our machines. We’re constantly working on material such as blogs, videos and webinars to help customers get started and succeed in the embroidery business.

Is training included? What kind of training do I get?

Every Ricoma embroidery machine purchase includes free hands-on training either online or at our facility in Miami, Florida. If you purchase a 2-head or up, we'll come to your location for a free 2-day training. We’ll make sure you know exactly what you’re doing before your training session is over. But if you still want additional resources to keep handy, we also provide how-to videos and manuals.

What is the warranty for Ricoma machines?

Our machines are backed by one of the industry’s best warranties. Our 5-year warranty is provided at no additional cost and effective immediately following the purchase of your Ricoma embroidery machine.

1 year: Parts and labor

3 years: All electronic components

5 years: Drive train components

What is the average delivery time for a Ricoma machine?

We test and prepare our embroidery machines at our Miami, Florida, facility. It takes about a week to test, crate and prepare our machines for shipping. Once your machine has been shipped, transit times typically range from 2 to 5 business days depending on how close you are to our facility.